Sounds Of The Olden Days

by Celtefog

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released February 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Celtefog Alexandria, Greece

Celtefog is a (one man) band.
Is a project of Archon "guitarist of Empathy (GR)".
Celtefog is active since Octomber of 2012. The music style is a mix of Ambient/Pagan/Atmospheric Black Metal and the lyrical themes are talking about the nature, darkness, revenge and Winter.
All music and lyrics are written by Archon. All the production (recording, mixing, mastering, artwork) was made by Archon.
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Track Name: My Last Sight To The Known Universe
I can imagine my journey to eternity.
When the time comes i'll find the serenity
No thoughts. I'm trying to hear only my sounds.
I feel them, as i'm hugging the ground.
What if i close my tired eyes?
My soul will fly away to the stars.
Even the sun will die one day.
Can you see a reason to pray?
Listen to that. Death is coming out of life.
Try to laugh till you cry.
Darkness following the light.
Eternal cycle, day and night.

Όταν χαθεί η ελπίδα.
Κι όταν η ώρα μου φτάσει
Βαθιά θε να μπει η λεπίδα
Το χώμα απ'το αίμα μου με μιας να χορτάσει

My blood is flowing hot
Out of my veins.
I can see my God.
I broke my chains.

My blood is flowing hot
Out of my veins.
I stopped my inner screams.
It's time to quit my dreams.
I am the king of my frozen throne.
Enjoying my kingdom alone.
I am standing to the top of the greatest mountain.
Smiling to Gods cause i am alive again.
Track Name: Tombs Of Memories
Κοράκια καλέσανε
αρχαίες ψυχές.

In the cruelty of time.

Μαζεύτηκαν γύρω
κι ας είναι νεκρές.

i lost the living colours.

Και είναι η ώρα
να δει την αλήθεια.

And what is left for me.

Το φως του θανάτου
του καίει τα στήθια.

is only few familiar shadows.

Κι η νύφη εκεί
να ζει στο σκοτάδι.
το τελευταίο του χάδι

Σκιά έχει γίνει
μιας άνοιξης πόνος.
Την πήρε μαζί του
να μην είναι πια μόνος.

To the sick and pale sky
i watch the faded stars.
And the raven's eerie flying
above the desolate marsh.

And i, the old and lonely tree
i am waiting for the spring.
But only one last leftover winter.
I am my books, dying reader.

Και η φύση τους κλαίει.
Σιωπηλά τους πενθεί.
Νεκροί οι ανθρώποι.
Νεκροί κι οι Θεοί...

Συννεφιά και αγιάζι
Χειμώνας ζυγώνει.
τους βάλτους σκεπάζει
με άσπρο σεντόνι.

In the marsh is now snowing.
And the tombs are wide opened.
As the wind with wrath is blowing.
whistling like a dark divine omen.
Track Name: Call Of The Ancestors
They walked in greatest pain.
Betrayed by the darkest fate.
They felt the total genocide.
they were in the wrong side.

Επικαλούμαι τους νεκρούς προγόνους μου
Τους φονείς των προδοτών και των αχρείων
Τους ήρωες των λασπωμένων χωμάτων.
Τους εργάτες των μεγάλων μνημείων.

And the night has grabbed their faces.
And the laughs became screams.
They have danced with ropes and knives
They have seen them rape their lifes.

Καλώ τους εμπνευστές των αρχαίων γραμμάτων.
Τους αρχιτέκτονες των αξιών και των ηθών.
Τους στρατηγούς των μαχών της ζωής και του θανάτου.
Καλώ τους προγόνους μου.

The strongest spells and words i spoke.
My ancestors from death i've called.

Looking to the - horizon's end.
There are no clouds, - after the rain.
The sunset's golden light - falls to the fen
as our closest star - is gone again.

when the memories were - blurry and rotten
your name has never - been forgotten
Next to the ancient - tombs i stood.
And signs i've made - with stone and wood.
Track Name: Three nights in the Mediterranean sea
A never told, inner story of myself.
For my darkest trip in my mind's open sea.
Watery nights, with ropes and sails and creatures.
Creatures of the "everything" and "nothing".

From the Spanish shores to the Greek islands.
One of the most terrifying seas of the known world.
With invulnerable pirates who fear the night.
Because the night always bring out the inner world.

I left a life behind me, for i had to feed my needs.
An anxious spirit, among a lazy pair of eyes.
I knew that i would never return.
But i walked ahead i did not care...

And the trip had begun through the deep waters.
Without fear i stood on the wooden prow.
As the wildly waves had crashed onto the vessel.
And me, a pale sailor, crossing the sea.
And on the first night i saw the creatures of the sky.
Flying around me, like shadows, bloodthirsty but fair.
Τhey had been waiting for my failure.
The disastrous moment of my life.

And on the second night i was there upright.
Fighting my thoughts, my waverings, my fears.
And the creatures of the land had come for me.
And swallowed the thoughts, and ate the fears.

And the waters became deeper and unworldly.
And the sky turned black.

On the third night i met myself.
And the creatures of the abyss,
grabbed me to the bottom. And i am dead.
I am dead. I am dead. I am dead.
Track Name: Into The Mist (Instrumental)
Track Name: Nykta
And then...
Here i am... Once again in darkness.
In my world of shadows...

Borned from the supreme chaos.
No vision.
No light but sounds.

Respectful by Gods
You hold the universe.
And stars. Your children.
Light and dust from the past.

Αστέρες ουράνιοι, Νυκτός φίλα τέκνα μελαίνης…

You are the new start...
You. The daughter of time.

A lethal spirit. You know everything.
A timeless sleep of the nature.

Έρεβος μεν την άρρενα, την δε θήλειαν Νύκτα...
εκ δε τούτων φησί μιχθέντων Αιθέρα γενέσθαι και Έρωτα...

Godess of darkness
They are calling you
Shelter for creatures and thieves.
Swallowing the light

The cold is your breath.
Death is your speech.
Your secrets are painful.
Take me with you.

You. Show me your fears
Into the darkness i walk.
Some drops of tears.
The power of hate.

When the biggest crimes taking place.
When you must look at the face of fate.
When death looks like children's smile.
The time you desire to die.

Τη νύχτα ο φόβος γυρεύει να φάει.
Δόλιες ψυχές και πάθη, κερνάει.
Θανάτου οσμή. Διαβόλων χαρά.
Όμορφο πόνο, σαν μάνα γεννά.